Alex Jones offers $55 million minimum settlement to Sandy Hook families

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Controversial figure Alex Jones, known for conspiracy theories, has proposed a settlement to the families of Sandy Hook victims.

Jones, who declared personal bankruptcy following a court order to pay over a billion dollars for defamation, suggests a significantly reduced compensation.

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Jones offers settlement to Sandy Hook families in bankruptcy case

In a recent filing in a Texas bankruptcy court, Jones offered the Sandy Hook families a 10-year payment plan, guaranteeing at least $5.5 million annually.

Additionally, the families would receive 70% of the proceeds from selling Jones’ personal property not protected by bankruptcy laws.

Accepting this deal would require the families to relinquish all legal claims against Jones and associated parties.

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Jones files for bankruptcy following Sandy Hook lawsuits

Jones’ bankruptcy filing in December 2022 came after losing two civil cases due to his false assertions regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

His company, Free Speech Systems, which runs the Infowars website, also filed for bankruptcy in July of the same year.

“This bankruptcy plan is the first time Jones has shared how he will be held accountable for the harm he caused the families,” attorney Jarrod B. Martin, representing some Sandy Hook families, stated.

CNN queries Jones’ team on settlement amid Sandy Hook anniversary

As the legal teams reviewed Jones’ proposal, CNN reported that they had reached out to Jones’ attorneys for comments.

The court’s deadline for all parties to propose a plan for settling Jones’ debts was set for the same day as Jones’ filing, coinciding with the 11th anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Jones faces lawsuits for claiming Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax

Jones infamously claimed that the 2012 shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 20 children and six adults, was a hoax with “crisis actors.”

The fallout led to multiple lawsuits and a 2022 trial in Connecticut, where family members expressed the added pain and harassment caused by these baseless claims.

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Sandy Hook families decry Jones’ lavish spending despite lawsuit costs

Sandy Hook families have criticized Jones for not adjusting his lifestyle to meet the financial obligations imposed by the defamation case.

According to them, Jones continued to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, spending approximately $900,000 since initiating the lawsuit.

Judge rules Jones liable in bankruptcy; families suggest payment terms

Despite his bankruptcy filing, a federal bankruptcy judge ruled that Jones was still primarily responsible for the damages awarded to the Sandy Hook families.

In contrast, the families have proposed that Jones could pay them at least $8.5 million annually, plus additional income and assets, offering him a chance to regain full ownership of his company after ten years if he meets their terms.

Hearing set for Jones’ asset liquidation if settlement refused

Should Jones not accept the families’ proposal, they intend to seek total liquidation of his non-exempt assets, potentially leading to ongoing litigation and enforcement proceedings against him.

A hearing is scheduled for the end of February to review the latest settlement proposal.

In the Connecticut case, Jones was ordered to pay over $1.1 billion, with US Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez ruling mainly in favor of the Sandy Hook families, except on certain punitive damages.

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