3 Week Diet Review – Scam Alert?


Since launch back in 2015, the 3 Week Diet has consistently ranked as one of the top weight loss guides on the internet. But many of our readers have been eyeing the program rather shyly. For some the existing reviews online are not enough to justify the leap. So, we’ve decided that its time the 3 Week Diet gets the LJ treatment. This very updated 3 Week Diet review is therefore just in time. We’ll see whether or not the 3 year-old diet and weight loss program is still worth considering in 2019 and beyond.

3 Week Diet Review – Brian Flatt Has His Hands Over It3 week diet review brian flatt

Brian Flatt is no stranger to our growing database of product reviews. He’s the author of the wildly popular 2 Week Diet program so we were keen to find out if the 3 Week Diet is just a rehash. Thankfully it’s not! As we covered in our review for the 2 Week Diet, Brian Flatt is an internationally known nutritionist and fitness guru. He was one of the first product developers in the fitness market to showcase his $100 an hour credentials as a personal trainer. When we first reviewed the 2 Week Diet, we found this fact very compelling not least because he was upfront about his fees.

3 Week Diet Review – Lose Weight or Its Free?

We’ll talk more about that claim below but for now we believe the claim in principle is worth exploring. Not many weight loss programs are that bold. Most will promise a few pounds or two in weight loss; some might even go as high as 10 pounds over a couple of weeks. But few condens the promise of weight loss into a 3 week program and then turn round and promise your money back if it doesn’t happen. That takes courage and that is precisely what the program at 3 Week Diet seems to have conjured up for its legion of users.

3-week-diet-review3 Week Diet Review – About The Program

As stated on the official website for this product that has been popular since 2015, the 3 Week Diet is a revolutionary new diet system. The system promises a radical approach to losing weight, more of it, and the most stubborn weight of all, all body fat. Those struggling with losing all body fat know that the hump is real. To that end the 3 Week Diet promises that users will be able to:

Achieve a 9+ pound reduction in body fat

Drop 2 – 3 dress sizes

Decrease cellulite

Increase energy levels

Develop faster metabolism

Increase cholesterol levels

These are pretty standard claims to be sure; but Brian Flatt has proven the system since 2015 so there is room for believing that it delivers.

3 Week Diet Review – Package Outline

3 week diet scam

Introduction Manual

The 3 week diet program is kicked off with the intro manual. But it is more than just an introduction. According to Mr Flatt, the intro manual goes into detail about the actual science behind the 3 week diet program. There is information covered that shows users what nutrients they currently lack, as well as the essential nutrients necessary to make the program work.

Diet Manual

The second component in the system is the diet manual. In this guide the entire roadmap for the 3-week program is laid out for users. Activities such as calculating body mass, establishing a tailored diet plan, creating meal plans, scheduling meal times, and a host of other fat-busting activities, are all carefully explained to users.

Workout Manual

Brian Flatt doesn’t believe that diet alone is going to turn users into fitness icons and this makes sense. This is why we believe the inclusion of a workout manual to the overall system is a very good move. The manual takes users along a path of consistent exercise, all activities carefully crafted to help users double their effort and results. Flatt also includes his special Midsection Miracle Workout program as a added bonus for those users who take advantage of the 3 week Diet.

Mindset Manual

Knowing what to do is not enough when it comes to losing weight. Real success is achieved when will overcomes inertia and this is only possible with the right mindset. Flatt has included a very well researched and presented motivation and mindset guide to help users have their breakthrough. This guide, we believe, shows the scope and scale of the thinking that created the program. No base is left uncovered.

3 Week Diet Review – Final Thoughtsdoes 3 week diet work

We believe 3 week diet has stood the test of time as far as a diet program goes. The sheer volume of programs that are launched each year shows that 3 Week Diet is still competitive despite coming out in 2015. The program is accessible and as mentioned at the start, Brian Flatt has offered a 60-day money-back guarantee. Basically users can try the weight loss system without feeling the need to commit absolutely. The program is all digital which means that it can be downloaded and used as soon as humanely possible. Get the download here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

3 Week Diet Review

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