2 Week Diet Review – Is The 2 Week Diet A Scam?

2 week diet scams

Imagine struggling for 3 months to lose a measly 6 pounds, only to stumble across a diet system that lets you lose weight in just 14 days. This is the promise of 2 Week Diet and in this 2 Week Diet review we’ll be dissecting those claims. We’ll let you know if 2 Week Diet is a scam or if it’s the real deal. We can give you an early hint. It looks like there are quite literally thousands of people lining up to buy this thing.

There’s a little scroll bar of names of recent customers on the main website and it moves like crazy. Now, we don’t know if the man behind 2 Week is rigging something but it looks like there really are people grabbing this system. Anyway, let’s dive into the details…

2 Week Diet Review – Who the Heck Is Brian Flatt?2 week diet review brian flatt

According to the bio of the creator for the 2 Week Diet, Brian Flatt is a world-renowned personal trainer. He’s also a globally recognized nutritionist who’s also written several books on the subject of diet, exercise and weight loss. Mr Flatt has a good heart, says his website, and he’s committed to reaching out to millions of people in order to help them.

Brian isn’t shy about his credentials, either. His personal clients pay him up to $100 an hour for his services! Anyway, Brian packaged all his secrets into the handy PDF document system as 2 Week Diet. It’s a master stroke in packaging too, as you’ll see in the next section.

2 Week Diet Review – What Do You Get In The Bundle?

This 2 Week Diet is comprehensive and very well put together. You can see it from the methodical layout of the program. The program seems to have been put together with ease of use in mind.

Specifically you get the following…

2 week diet scamThe 2 Week Diet Launch Book

Think of this as an introduction on steroids. In it Brian Flatt has gone into the science of gaining and losing weight. This is another master stroke in our opinion because many books on the subject ignore the scientific data behind the whole business of losing weight.

Being a personal trainer and nutritionist, Brian clearly believes that his system will work better for people who know what they are doing. By enlisting science and the almost infallible posture of science in the 21st century, Brian knows that users of his system will be guided better.

The guide comes with the fundamentals of fat, calories, and your body’s natural systems for combating weight gain. This launch plan is one of the few instances we’ve seen where a diet program actually pays as much attention to the basics, and especially the science behind your body.

Interestingly, Brian Flatt has shown that he isn’t afraid to shatter myths and challenge conventional wisdom. The guy literally blows holes through the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” mantra.

The 2 Week Diet Handbook (The Meat)2 week diet reviews

The main pitch for the main ebook in the overall 2 Week Diet system is, “It’s time to get personal.” That’s a massive call to action and the promise of the Diet Handbook is a bold one. According to Flatt, the 2 Week Diet Handbook isn’t just a one-size fits all kind of thing.

The instructions given in the handbook are personalized. This means in effect that Brian Flatt will show you what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, all tailored in a way to match your own personal circumstances.

The main guide goes into details about the foods to avoid. This is important since not all bodies are designed to eat the same kinds of foods. We all know about gluten intolerance. But how many of us know that even eggs could be doing damage to our bodies.

The 2 Week Diet clears up the myths around certain foods. It goes into specifics about the truly naughty foods that are out there. If you’ve been in the dark on what foods to avoid, this guide will point you in the right direction.

2 week diet scams2 Week Diet Activity Book

This 2 Week Diet review will tell you that losing weight through dieting alone is possible, but if you want to supercharge your results, exercise is key. The 2 Week Diet activity book is the exercise component of the program. In it, Brian Flatt provides easy to follow exercise routines for people who either go to the gym, or stay at home. The routines are simple, quick, easy, and fun. As the creator of the program says, “you only need 20 minutes a day to make this work.”

2 Week Diet Motivation Handbookdoes the 2 week diet work

If diet and exercise gets you 90% there in losing weight, then motivation is the other 10% you need. The creator of the 2 Week Diet hasn’t neglected this aspect and provides fittingly, the motivation handbook.

The handbook takes the view that a good chunk of the transformation actually starts in the mind. It then proceeds to use scientific methods to drive you towards your fitness goals. Most importantly, though, the motivation handbook is about preparing your mind to handle the challenge of keeping the weight off. This is where 99% of people lose the battle!

2 Week Diet Review – Final Verdict

Having looked the army of people snapping up the program we believe that Brian Flatt and the 2 Week Diet is worth looking into. The program itself is very accessible and comes in handy PDF format. Fire up the motivation ebook any time of day on your mobile device and reap the rewards on command. There is also a heavy dose of testimonials that litter the main page which suggests that people are trying it, and like it. You can try it too, just go here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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